Let's Celebrate "International Sake Day" with Delightful Brazilian Music !


Let's KAMPAI With Japanese Sake!

"International Sake Day" is Tuesday, October 1st!

Come to "Sake Night" and join the celebration!

"International Sake Day" is held every year in Japan and around the world on October 1st to celebrate and enjoy Japanese sake,which is at the heart and soul of Japanese culture and cuisine.
If you love sake, or even if you've never had it before, come join the fun.
"Sake Night" is just one of the many sake events that will be held throughout Japan and around the world to do a kamapai toast with sake to celebrate this special day.
Come and be one of over 100,000 people from different locations doing a kampai at the same time!
At "Sake Night" you can taste a wide variety of delicious sake from all over Japan.
Enjoy a great Brazilian performance from special guest Atsushi Suzuki on Keyboard, and make some new friends too!

  • Date : Tuesday, October 1st from 18:45 to 21:00
  • Place: JSS Information Center (3 min walk from Toranomon on the Ginza Line)
  • Fee : 3,000 yen (a light meal will be served with sake)


Atsushi Suzuki (keyboard)
Pianist specialized in Brazirian music. Composer.
Graduated from Kunitachi Music University at the top of classical piano.
Through his career as a professional live musician, he met Latin music, and then finally met Brazilian music which became his speciality in his life.

Sachie (flute)
Multi instrumental player mainly plays various kind of flute including ocarina, Japanese shinobu, and quena of Peru.
Inspired from her multipul visits to Brazil, she plays various original music based on Brazilian choro.

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Tue Oct 1, 2019
6:45 PM - 9:00 PM JST
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Entry ¥3,000

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Venue Address
港区西新橋1丁目6−15 日本酒造虎ノ門ビル 1F Japan